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    Paypal Data Converter stays aside of other HostTools products. We created most of our tools keeping in mind web hosting providers’ and server administrators’ needs. But Paypal Data Converter is created for a wider audience. It is a tool for all those people using Paypal to sell goods and services, and wishing to import Paypal sales list to accounting software.

    Paypal Data Converter allows to convert Paypal transactions list to QIF format. Most of business accounting software can easily import QIF files. With this tool we save at least 2 days per month! And wish you to do the same. Just use Paypal Data Converter to import hundreds of sales records to your bookkeeping software instead of manually entering them.

    Why not use QIF files downloaded from Paypal.com?

    Because those files from Paypal.com are incorrect. They contain a mix of Paypal transactions in different currencies and Paypal-specific billing records which make your accounting software crazy. Unlike those “default” QIF files the Paypal Data Converter QIF files are correct.

    Paypal Data Converter does 3 main things:

    1. Removes excess data from the Paypal transactions list.
    2. Creates a separate file for each currency, avoiding a mess.
    3. Saves the data in a correct QIF format using standard (and
    reasonable) account names.

    Why not import CSV files downloaded from Paypal.com?

    Because those CSV files from Paypal.com have Gross, Net and Fee fields in a single record and accounting software just can not import this data in a correct way. Also those files contain a mix of transactions made in different currencies, but bookkeeping software can not “understand” that. Moreover, those files contain excess records that should not be imported at all, and as a result you get wrong ledger and balance.

    How does Paypal Data Converter work?

    Paypal Data Converter reads data from a Paypal CSV file and then:

    1. Removes excess data from the Paypal transactions list.
    2. Creates a separate file for each currency, avoiding a mess.
    3. Saves the data in a correct QIF format using standard (and
    reasonable) account names.

    How to use Paypal Data Converter?

    1. Log in to your Paypal account, click “History – Download history”, select some date range and download a “Comma Delimited – Balance Affecting Payments” report. You’ll get a CSV file. It is importand to select a “Comma Delimited” (not “Tab Delimited” or other) report. It is also important to select “Balance Affecting Payments” (not “All Activity” or other).

    2. Run Paypal Data Converter, select the downloaded CSV file (use “File – Open” menu or click […] button).

    3. Select the date format and click [Import] button.

    4. The program will create QIF file (or several files if there are multiple currencies) in the folder of the source CSV file.

    5. Import the QIF file(s) to your accounting software.

    Please note: If you have currency conversion transactions, some accounting software can duplicate those records during the QIF files import while other software will import the same files correctly. If your software duplicates currency conversion transactions you need to remove the dupes manually.

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It is a great tool (IEMT). By the way, it has saved me many hours in server migration and restoring! I strongly recommend your programs to any person that has to deal with IIS.
Aecio Lemos (www.vlsweb.com.br)

It (IIS Sites Transfer) saved me probably 12 hours at least! Great product, best $60 I ever spent!!
Mike May (www.activefx.net)

Thanks for an app (IEMT) that saved me a lot of time and prevented a lot of errors.
Ben Kressman

Your tools are very insightful and address REAL issues for Windows-based web hosters. I have used IIS Pools to identify websites that were causing continual issues on shared boxes. Previously, my only recourse was to stop EACH site (200+) until I found the site causing problems.
Joe Rebis (www.ephost.com)

We've recently purchased a license for your IIS Sites Transfer and want to thank you for this incredible tool.
Jade Benson (www.WebAfrica.co.za)