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    Innovation Labs Ltd has 2 departments: Software Development (HostsTools) and Web Hosting (DotNetPark).

    Innovation Labs Ltd is a popular Microsoft Windows-based web hosting provider and professional software developer. We are uniquely positioned because we know the needs of web hosting providers and server administrators, and also have a multi-national team of high level IT professionals (developers, administrators, etc.) We have offices and/or representatives in United States, Cyprus, United Kingdom, India and Belarus.

    Software solutions from Innovation Labs Ltd are used every day on thousands of servers around the world. Valuable feedback from our customers helps us to improve the quality of our software.

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It saved me probably 12 hours at least! Great product, best $60 I ever spent!!
Mike May (www.activefx.net)

It is a great tool (IIS Sites Transfer). By the way, it has saved me many hours in server migration and restoring! I strongly recommend your programs to any person that has to deal with IIS.
Aecio Lemos (www.vlsweb.com.br)

Your tools are very insightful and address REAL issues for Windows-based web hosters. I have used IIS Pools to identify websites that were causing continual issues on shared boxes. Previously, my only recourse was to stop EACH site (200+) until I found the site causing problems.
Joe Rebis (www.ephost.com)

We've recently purchased a license for your IIS Sites Transfer and want to thank you for this incredible tool.
Jade Benson (www.WebAfrica.co.za)